Thursday, November 12, 2009

Herpesvirus More Condition_symptoms Does My Kitten Have Feline Herpesvirus?

Does my kitten have Feline Herpesvirus? - herpesvirus more condition_symptoms

Sometimes she sneezes, and is very prone to eye infections. It is about 10 weeks and has hernia surgery a few weeks ago, but now good. She has worked with the sneezing and runny nose since he was a few weeks old. It acts like a normal cat, even more. My other cat is his grandmother still had a runny nose and more prone to infections of the eyes and sneezing. I think the feline herpes virus is contagious, if you think the rest of my cats? Do not anything worng with them to act, regardless of sneezing, eye infections. My vet has me avoiding something called Enisyl-F and its gradient. Have you ever heard of him? Are there any side effects or is it dangerous? I think it's the bee help my kitten with a runny nose when she has to treat an eye infection with terramycin ointment. Do you have feline herpes virus? How common is it? Thank you.

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