Thursday, November 19, 2009

Purge Key Generator 1996 Mercury Cougar Fuel Pump Problem?

1996 mercury cougar fuel pump problem? - purge key generator

I boght only a Mercury Cougar 1996 with 47k miles. I drove and I was good. The next day, while sitting outside a shop waiting for my friend and the car stopped. It idleing at 1000rpm I belive. I asked a friend who is inclined mechanicly and said it was the fuel pump. If I'm in the car tried to start it, it is common. But if someone turns the key, while I tap FOM bottom of the tank, it starts. If the fuel pump cause this problem? I also realize that there was pressure on the pipes. When I press the pen and the drain valve in the fuel line, fuel exits .... so I know. In a loss here. Help please ....

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