Friday, November 6, 2009

Spells To Become Wolf Do You Like This Poem Or Does It Stink?

Do you like this poem or does it stink? - spells to become wolf

If it stinks, it's not about me .... lol .. :) Just kidding .. Forgive my spelling.

It breaks the ground, shater earth, my world was shaken and care of people.
My little heart broken by a drop millions of tiny peace peace in brick tracksuit.
What makes you think you can take to break the life of the back.
I am like a lone wolf, howls of pain that each cold night trying to lose figt one win.
Choking with tears from the pain I love you brought so please do not go.
It seems that in the end still left me a sad fate.
Earth revolves around me Shatterd beer back on the floor Neer my feet, I hope you like family to me.

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browneye... said...

think your sad or angry ... (You must have a special person to talk to .. .. but in general rates are used in the U really try to create more positive, although

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