Saturday, February 13, 2010

Clear Mucus Right Before Period; Could I Be Pregnant Could I Be Pregnant? Stopped Birth Control Pills?

Could I be pregnant? Stopped birth control pills? - clear mucus right before period; could i be pregnant

I stopped taking my pills, and I know that some women take time to return to "normal", but I think once mightve again. Anywho, today is my 14th Day and on the basis of the ovulation calendar because I ovulate 9th June, but by day 11 of my cycle was suffering from cramps, period cramps, but I could not feel close and say "oooo" and also a strong feelingon pinching my right, and I wondered if this meant that they ovulate at the time the next day? As the friend and I are aware of this day, I felt cramps and insomnia. In addition, my cervical mucus was not important to clear proteins that have been dyed, if it makes a difference. And unfortunately, we could not do more because writing an improvised vistay at home with her mother at the weekend (ill)
So, yes, I'm sorry, but if you could help me to answer and I appreciate it very much. I feel the pain today, 8 June.

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is likely that your body is still adjusting to

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