Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Http:// @ N04/3732520357 / Why Does My Stomach Stick Out After I Eat?

Why does my stomach stick out after i eat? - @ n04/3732520357 /

I am in shape 16, slim men, every time you eat a normal size meal, my stomach is moving on, when my chest ..... I do not look good, because without a shirt, and it slows me if I do not think not to mention competitive swim (that makes me look bad in a bathing suit I) that, because my stomach is bloated is still soft, only large

Before the meal: @ N04/3732520357 / @ N04/3732520321/in/photostream /

After dinner: @ N04/3733319324/in/photostream / @ N04/3732520173/in/photostream /

Is this normal?
and why? Is there a way to get rid of him?

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