Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Letters Of Community Serivce Example Dismissing A Careless Driving Ticket NJ! HELP!?

Dismissing a Careless Driving Ticket NJ! HELP!? - letters of community serivce example

Monday is my court date for reckless driving in New Jersey. It was a court appearance is not mandatory, but I want the points deducted. It was 1.30 clock, when my ticket ... I went to work. I do not have much money now I can pay for college tution to me. Is it possible to ask the Court to dismiss the ticket if I am willing to do charitable work. I also carry a letter from your employer indicating that he left work. Im 18 and I can not pay my insurance premiums increase. Ideas. I do not know what went wrong, the cop stopped me for speeding, but seeing how fast I went over and gave me a ticket for reckless driving ... it does not matter now ... My problem is trying to dismiss the ticket or to get rid of it without payinga heavy fine. Never an accident vioaltion Community Serivce heard, but it is possible.

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matt8268... said...

Sorry to say, but can be taken in this case. If the agent has seen a ticket for careless driving must be a strong desire to have to do this. If you have an excellent driving record may be in a position to prevent the payment of fines and suspended sentences, to seek or be taken into consideration.

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