Monday, February 15, 2010

Haro Bike Bearings What Kind Of Bearings In A Haro Bmx Bike?

What kind of bearings in a haro bmx bike? - haro bike bearings

Okay, so I have a BMX Haro f1 custom and instant messaging available to buy new bearings for my cranks and you're saying loud and too.
Im not sure what kind of necessity.
Americans? MID? Euro? or Spanish?

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djd@nger... said...

The bike is still original HARO BB tooth waves?
If so, you lose the ball in a race in the outer shells at each end of the shaft.
There is not much that can change from those that perhaps some other serious when hard on the bike.

Best pedals have sealed bearings and tend to be smoother and longer term.

You do not know what kind of Haro, as originally manufactured in the USA, I think I have a US-BB. The euro is the best for in my opinion.
If you need to change the diameter of the shell, BB, you can buy kits to adapt.

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