Thursday, January 14, 2010

Aravind Eye Hospital Madurai Is This Vision Problem Is Slovable ?

Is this Vision problem is Slovable ? - aravind eye hospital madurai

On February 28, 2002, I had an accident in my left eye because of the cricket ball
At that time, glass door in the left eye glass eye is scratched, i
was the first treatment of the Lions Eye Hospital in two months, Kumbakonam,
they said nothing wrong in my eyes I was still in my vision problems, so I
one Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai and was in 4.03.04, I came after I
two pieces of glass in my eye.then taken a few tests I finally told my
normal vision will not come back and give the report:

Problem is, his left eye neovascular membrane chorodial traumatic subforveal
For which I have twice been transparent in the thermotherapy and papillary 18.9.04
22.4.06 and vitreous intracytoplasmic injection of knitting, the party was suddenly given 22.4.06
Secondary rise in intraocular pressure in the left eye and then onto I-sopar SR OD
10 6.5.06 Review days.On for my best corrected visual acuity 6 / 9 in the right was
Eye and 6 / 60 left on the eye. and my eye pressure was 18 mm Hg in the right

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