Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ionic Breeze Gp Wont Turn On Does The Ionic Breeze Help Or Hurt Allergies?

Does the Ionic Breeze help or hurt allergies? - ionic breeze gp wont turn on

I have an Ionic Breeze GP last few weeks and I noticed the first day, when I plugged my allergies started acting really high. My house is very dusty to begin with, because we live next to the railway and road. We also have a dog and a cat. My allergies were not bothering me so bad, until it reaches the ionic wind, but the main reason he went to help with pet odor and dust. I had literally every other day for dirt or dust was able to overtake my house. The powder appears to be a problem, and when I come home after she had gone for the day, pets not allowed odor overwhelmed me. Is there a reason why my allergies are active now? This is my body, through the removal of dust?

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aloneing... said...

lol on the removal of dust. Our news channel not long ago made a pact or no funds, "which appears in the ionic breeze. They found that in reality do nothing (ie, make the house more healthy). I also heard that the case is pending against her because she does not claim. They are very expensive and I think a fraud. Then you begin to distribute material, I found that my work at home with my cat and dog. =)

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