Saturday, January 16, 2010

Truck Wheel Alignment Is It Difficult To Center A Steering Wheel When Asking For An Alignment?

Is it difficult to center a steering wheel when asking for an alignment? - truck wheel alignment

Alignmnet I have a 2006 Dodge Dakota had a small problem, and an end to the steering wheel hub. I took him to the bank and told them the center of my wheel. They agreed with me and told me I could do it and asks me to 89.00. Long story short changed. I ask so much? Truck has 13.000 miles on the odometer and the tires seem to have the normal wear.

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master auto tech said...

First, we paid a lot. In my business (ACDelco Service Center), we charge 49.00 for a full range of rear-wheel drive vehicles. Second, understand if you and ask specifically for the wheel on the right side should be straight. It is not at all difficult for a drive in a straight line to get to if you know what you are doing, but apparently the problem is. I would definitely take it back, but I do not think that I do the same kind.

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