Thursday, January 7, 2010

Timeshare Realtors How Do I Sell A Timeshare?

How do I sell a timeshare? - timeshare realtors

My parents own a timeshare, want to leave you. Do we have to by something like or can a local real estate sale (local station) for help in May or the complex for them? What is the best way?

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Caspers Princess said...

To be honest, the best bet is to advertise in local newspapers. To contact the place of purchase for more than a week, or update an "offer, if dependent on the" purchase "of property. Also, whether the timeshare is right to use or if he" wanted. " You can go through a broker, but many want little to do with timeshare. Rent Another option is to press this button for your parents, or your week with RCI or Interval International, a company or change of use. There are many factors, what they are selling quickly, transfer, and location of property shares, number of bedrooms, etc. Let me know if I can help a little. I 'd be happy to have a look for yourself.

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