Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Infectious Diseases More Condition_symptoms What Is The Difference Between Infectious Diseases And Chronic Diseases?

What is the difference between Infectious diseases and Chronic diseases? - infectious diseases more condition_symptoms

I would like a clearer explanation of the difference between infectious and chronic diseases.


giggling... said...

infectious and chronic diseases are caused by many of the same problems. (viral, bacterial and Combo a certain environment, ie., chemicals, pollution, etc..)

What distinguishes them is the body can not allow some of virions training take its course, while the chronicity of the disease, the body can not fight.

Infectious diseases are made available, otherwise it would not, regardless of the type of chronic or transitory type.

Genetics) (w / combination of pollution can sometimes play a role in the ability to fight certain diseases. Sometimes a body is drawn so strongly affected, that the body can not fight.

Sometimes the process of natural interferon in the body is not high enough to prevent infection.

= Transient infection among advocacy organizations to fight and win.

long-lasting or chronic = body is not able to completely prevent the infection.

hunurse2... said...

Insomnia may mean something up or can not be cured. May you have chronic headaches, but they are contagious.

Diane D said...

Infectious diseases caused by germs, bacteria, viruses, etc. caused and can be transmitted from one person to another.

Chronic diseases are those that are incurable, such as hypertension, such as diabetes, arthritis, etc.

Bummeran... said...

Infectious diseases spread.
Chronic diseases are long-term.

A chronic infectious disease, but maybe not vice versa.

Happy_Wh... said...

Infectious means that they are treated and go .... Chronic means that you probably never can be, but are treated

Dwight D J said...

are caused by infections are chronic infectious diseases caused by DNA-based

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mollynev... said...

An infectious disease caused by bacteria, viruses, etc.
A chronic illness is something that lasts. You may have a chronic infection, the microorganisms that lasts is.

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